Subject to change under direction of the Board


  1. The Association has a minimum monthly water bill of $23.48 including tax.  This allows for 0 to 3,000 gallons of water. The minimum bill applies every month even if no water is used or the meter is shut off.

                Table for pricing:                 0    3,000 gallons           22.00

                                                       3,000  10,000 gallons            2.45 per thousand

                                                      10,000  over                           2.35 per thousand 

      Sales tax is added to these prices and a service charge of 1 1/2% per month is added to the unpaid balance. 

  1. Regular water meter installation price is $2,000.00 plus tax.  (Breakdown of that price is $25.00 membership fee, $1,375.00 labor and materials, $600.00 water rights, $133.75 tax).  Depending on the location of the water meter, there may be an additional line extension charge, which is determined by the manager, and/or a road cut charge.  Each additional household will be $15.00 plus tax.
  2. A time period of two weeks from the time of application is allowed to set water meters.  We must allow 48 hours for line spots from the utility companies and local government. Payment is expected at the time of application.
  3. Water meters are read once a month, usually the last three days of each month, and bills are mailed out on the first of each month and are due on the 15th.
  4. Delinquent notices are usually mailed two days before the bills, and customer's have until the 15th of the month to bring their delinquent up to date.  Delinquent accounts are locked once a month.  To unlock, customers must pay their delinquent amount plus a reconnect fee of $30.00 plus tax during business hours.  After hours reconnect fee is $60.00 plus tax. A $20.00 fee will be added to your account if you receive a disconnect tag.
  5. Transfers require the signatures of both the previous and present owners.  Total due must be paid at the time of transfer.  Previous owner will continue to receive the bill until both signatures are received.
  6. Customers who rent their property are required to give written permission to have the water bill sent to their renters.  If a renter moves out owing a water bill, it is the final responsibility of the property owner to pay the bill.
  7. Water meters installed before the 15th of each month are sent a bill for that month.  Water meters installed after the 15th of each month do not receive a bill until the following month. 
  8. When a water meter is installed, the water company brings the water up to and including the meter and is responsible for maintaining it that far.  Any leaks or maintenance from the meter stub-out to the residence are the responsibility of the property owner.
  9. Customers should not use the meter valve as a cutoff.  Lids should be firmly secured to prevent freezing.  Meter can & contents are property of the Association. Any tampering in the meter can and may result in a charge for repair. 
  10. Meters that remain locked have a minimum billing added each month until the account reaches inactivation status.  Before service is reinstated for an inactive meter, the customer must pay a reactivation fee of $500.00 plus tax.
  11. We do not accept post dated or two party checks. Checks for any amount over the bill will not be accepted unless the balance is applied to future bills. The fee for a returned check is $10.00.                                  




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